Talent Hub: A step towards Women’s Empowerment

Summary: Entrepreneurship spirit is generating fresh hemoglobin in the blood (economy) of society. There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world. However, 20% of businesses fail within the first year. Still, 493 billionaires added to the Forbes annual list of richest people 2021, among them 88 are self-made. According to stats, the female entrepreneurial activity rate in the US is 13.6%. World Bank ranks Pakistan lowest among countries due to 1% female entrepreneurial activity as compared to 21% of males. In this article, we will talk about one of those 1% women entrepreneurs that is KHAWAJA MAHNOOR.

When someone starts a new business. The one not only invests capital in that but also a huge investment of ambitions, courage, and motivation is also required. As I believe “A big business starts small”. With faith, determination, and hope one can turn this true.

The former CEO of Intel, Andy Groove said that: “In Entrepreneurship, only paranoid can survive”

Globally, one in eight adults is actively engaged in launching a business. This entrepreneurship spirit is the most significant economic development in recent business history. Entrepreneurs are the Heroes of the economy, who are reshaping the business environment.

One of those heroes is “Khawaja Mahnoor” Khawaja Mahnoor is a social entrepreneur. Founder of social business community Talent Hub. A place where you can Connect, Support, and Inspire. She is working for her passion for women's empowerment. Apart from this, she is an elite student. A Gold Medalist in graduation and M.phil.

We interviewed Khwaja Mahnoor, and she shared her journey about Talent Hub on medium.com

Questions asked during the interview:

Medium Team: What is Talent Hub?

Khawaja Mahnoor: Talent Hub, where talent meets opportunities! Talent Hub started from a small room and 150 Rupees. Talent Hub was a community of the students for the students! We provided services, aided academically, sold products and all within the premises of our institute. But, now people from across the country are reaching out and becoming a part of our Talented Circle! We have females from every walk of life a member of this circle either as a buyer or seller. A community that started with a hundred and fifty rupees has generated revenue of 9 lacs in a year and a half since its inception!

Medium Team: Mahnoor can you elaborate on the origin of Talent Hub? From where did you get the idea and take the start?

Khawaja Mahnoor: An idea lit like a beacon in my mind, an idea of a WhatsApp group where products & services may be provided directly to the consumers. Now the next big step, Could I do it? Taking initiatives, finding options, searching for solutions was something I was acquainted with as a student. Resources were limited, I had next to no contacts and zero support from anywhere around me, much like all of you! So I went ahead with the familiar things. Things I knew how to do, much like every one of you. As a student, I could ask other students their needs and requirements. And so, this sought-after, the well-known business community we are a part of, started with CV making for those around me. Sooner, connections started building and ideas started teeming.

Medium Team: Mahnoor, usually people don’t accept the new ideas easily. Did you find any kind of hurdle in positioning your idea in your society? Because as we know that Pakistan is a country with merely 1% of women's entrepreneurial activity.

Khawaja Mahnoor: Yes, at the start I faced many difficulties to convince people towards my idea. As I told you, I was a student at that time, I still remembered that day, when I went to different classes & asked students to join this community. It was very hard initially to convey my words to others. Because many people still have that question that what’s your benefit in it? What you’ll earn? But I think sometimes we should think beyond the monetary benefit and do something good for society. Initially, I had just 6 girls in Whatsapp Group and our first order was of Rs150 CV. I went into different classes for CV orders and many girls got orders and that’s the first kick start to my idea. Then as time passed, this community garnered much fame in the city of Sialkot. I also faced the problem of arranging riders for the Delivery Service for our products. But as the chain of connection built, I got linked with some Delivery companies and now I’ve my own Team of riders for Talent Hub. At the start, My fellows considered my idea to be pointless. But now, this is no more a WhatsApp group it’s a Strong Business community of females where ladies support each other. Females are dealing in diverse categories of products/services/Catering. This community consists of females from diverse fields and they all support each other in whatever field they are in. I still have not any earning from this Group but I have Dua’s of many mother’s with me and that’s the reason why Allah make my ways easy for me.

Medium Team: What makes Talent Hub different from its contemporaries?

Khawaja Mahnoor: Well, that’s a question I get asked most frequently. Talent Hub is a strong online business community. An umbrella platform that caters to all the demands and requirements of its customers and those belonging to the Talented Circle! Now, I will answer how is it different from its contemporaries. Firstly, Talent Hub was started with the purest of intentions to aid and empower women around us. It remains true to its goals and provides a completely free-of-charge interacting platform to its users. Despite the popular culture of marketing groups, Talent Hub is totally free. There is no Registration fee and NO group fee. Making posts and promoting your business is also completely free of charge! This platform requires no Post or marketing fees either.

Secondly, Not only does it provides a structure, strength, and market to pre-existing businesses, but has seen the origin of many brands on its floor. All it requires is answering one question, Are you Talented? Do you have what it takes? Because that is all that would be required of you! Talent Hub takes care of the rest!

The third one is, It provides you with a team of people around you, who have started from scratch just like yourself! It brings to you their experience, strength, support, their name as well as shared customers.

Medium Team: how do you link yourself with Talent Hub?

Khawja Mahnoor: TALENT HUB itself, for me, is a very unique and personal journey. I was such a shy girl bearing the burden of all of my hopes and dreams unable to find the means to turn them into reality. Now, through Talent Hub, I am helping those who are the same so was I.



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