Parenting Errors And Techniques


There is no such thing as a PARENT. So just be a real one.


Sometimes you really need to know

Parenting is one of the most researched field in psychology. It’s a kind of investment. The more perfect strategy you choose to invest the more profitable it will be. Investment in sense of Attention, Care, Love, Time etc (It’s a never ending list according to the demand of circumstances). And then Profit in sense of everlasting Honor and Love. And these two are enough to live a peaceful life.

Parenting is not as simple as it seems to be. It’s about building personalities. As parents you are responsible for their physical, social and emotional health. However no one is perfect but at least you can try to be a good one. In this global era, you have so many opportunity resources. You can make it a bit easy through parenting apps. Also a lot of science based books are there.

Errors in parenting

Negative Words

Words are powerful. They can build or break. Harsh words make souls wounded. And souls take years to heal. Finding errors in a child’s work makes him/her more confused. And finally they will be either a stubborn personality or a socially unfit person.

Your Mistakes

Children have a divine power to observe and learn. When you commit mistakes in front of them and after that if you don’t admit that mistake. They will learn the same and will not accept their mistakes.

Level of Expectations

Not everyone is good at everything. Same like each child is good at one thing and bad at other. And some are just average at most of levels. Making high and unrealistic expectation from them will be a cause of stress. They will make their comparisons with their age fellows and that would evaporate their confidence.

Authoritative Attitude

As a parent, you must be a combination of Authority and Love. On wrong deeds just your one look would tell them that this should be stop or you can speak to them softly with hard tone. On the other side, if you going to be the authoritative one your offspring’s will have fear of you. Often in such conditions they may hide themselves or go to bed for sleep early before the arrival of parents.


This is very much important. Parent-Child relation is like a two ways street. If you don’t give them attention they will be attention seekers. They will seek attention from outside sources like (wrong company, boyfriends and girl friends). And if they are a bit introvert (not comfortable with strangers). Then they make their own imaginary character to communicate, which leads to severe psychological issues sometimes.

Effective Parenting Techniques

Share Responsibility

Neither the mother nor the father is responsible to up bring the child alone. Both should equally contribute in a proper manner. Divide the responsibility equally, So that it gets smoother.

Love + Strictness

Use the same hand for both. And both the love and strictness must be in limitBecause excess of anything is bad. Keep everything in balance.


Your support works as a base to their personality. Globe is full of people who will discourage them. But your appreciation, praise and flexible behavior towards their failures will help them to bloom to the full extent.

Self Regulation

You are a role model for them. Your well being will add an extra point in their confidence. However, your distort and stressed personality will make them depress. Your reflection will reflect in them.


Your bound with then must be flexible. Flexible in a sense that they could share not only their bright side with you but also the dark side. They would be able to say that “I love to sit with my parents”.


No one is perfect but just try to give your best. Because,

Parents are the single greatest influence on children

Ariel Khalil



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